What did you think of Australian Story?

kathy-4Did you watch the Australian Story episode featuring Kathy tonight? What did you think?

We’re still processing our feelings, we’re a bit too close to it all.

It was interesting to read the comments on Australian Story’s Facebook page. While many condemned Kathy, others felt there was reasonable doubt.

Among the supportive remarks:

“Wow. We actually call guilty without evidence of guilt in this country. Utterly shocked by this show. Circumstantial evidence was nothing but agreement about a convenient story as to cause of death: murder! Couldn’t believe my ears when one on the show says there was no evidence, then cites diaries and husband’s opinions and calls that the ‘weight of evidence’. Unbelievable.”

“Very interesting story tonight. Obviously there is insufficient evidence to hold up the convictions and her case should be reviewed. We don’t know the full evidence that was presented at trial but there definitely seems to be a lot of reasonable doubt. Review her case with new modern forensic eyes.”

“This could so obviously be a miscarriage of justice. Those diaries could have been written by any mother who had lost children and felt responsible, without actually being responsible. It’s so clear that the courts could have gotten this so wrong, just as they did in the Chamberlain case. What amazes me is that people are so willing to believe that she is guilty. Although rare there have been cases of multiple infant death in families before, due to genetic causes. What a travesty, a massive miscarriage of justice.”

And we remain convinced that if some of the greatest science minds have grave doubts about her convictions, surely that’s got to mean something.

Thank you for joining us on this difficult journey. We appreciate it.





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