Something to think about

One of Kathy’s supporters sent us a message that we wanted to share with you.

Here’s what they had to say:

For those of you who thought or assumed that Kathleen gave birth to four completely healthy babies, here is some more information you may not be aware of: on October 17, 1990, Patrick was placed in his cot to go to sleep.

At about 3.30am the following morning, Craig Folbigg was woken by the screams of his wife. He rushed in and Kathleen called an ambulance. The ambulance officers administered oxygen and Patrick responded almost immediately. Patrick was then treated in hospital over a number of days. He was diagnosed as suffering from a major form of epilepsy.

Caleb, Kathleen’s first baby, was diagnosed with a “lazy larynx” after Kathleen and Craig consulted a pediatrician because he had been experiencing difficulty breathing and feeding at the same time.

Sarah was sent home with a sleep apnea blanket to monitor her breathing while she slept, and Laura was also sent home with a sleep breathing monitor. Due to the scarcity of resources, that type of equipment was only ever sent home with babies where there was a genuine need.

In between her pregnancies, Kathleen and Craig consulted geneticists for advice on whether they should have more children.

It is worth thinking about that.

These were all babies with health difficulties right from the start. What do you make of that?

What will the former chief judge of the District Court, the Hon Reginald Blanch AM QC, makes of that when he conducts the inquiry into Kathy’s convictions?

There are a growing number of experts coming forward to offer their assistance and join the respected forensic pathologists who contributed to the Petition that led to the inquiry.

There has been so much progress in medical fields since Kathy’s conviction and many new theories about what might have caused her children’s deaths.

We are so grateful there is finally an inquiry into Kathy’s case. It’s been a long time coming.



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