Kathy makes judicial request

A fourth directions hearing prior to the judicial review of Kathy’s case was held at the Chief Secretary’s Building in Bridge Street, Sydney today.

Kathy – via her legal team – has asked for permission to watch the hearings on video link from Silverwater Jail. She has yet to decide if she will give evidence at the review.

Hearings will begin on March 18 at Lidcombe Coroners Court. Forensic pathologists and sudden infant death syndrome experts will be the first to testify, followed by a panel of geneticists in mid-April.

Former NSW District Court chief judge Reginald Blanch, who’s heading the inquiry, said April 17 and 18 have been set aside for Kathy to give evidence if she chooses to do so. But she will be required to give one-month’s notice if she intends to appear at the Coroners Court.

“The scope of the inquiry will not include the evidence of Folbigg unless we are notified in writing by March 17 that she does intend to give evidence,” Blanch noted.

The inquiry will focus on medical advances and new research, including findings on multiple natural infant deaths in the one family.

Kathy’s friend Tracy Chapman has shared her frustration that today’s media reports continue to rely on sensationalist language, referring to her as a “serial baby killer”.

“I’m tired of reading this,” she said. “I hope that one day they’ll think about how such headlines stick, hurt, frustrate and affect real people, before they do it again to some other poor person.”

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