Kathy prepares to take the stand

Kathleen Folbigg’s supporters have gathered in Sydney for the third week of the judicial inquiry into her convictions.

They will join her in the court as she enters the witness box at the Forensic Medicine and Coroner’s Court complex in Lidcombe on Monday.

We know that seeing their loving faces in the room will mean so much to Kathy on such a stressful day.

A group of former school friends visited Kathy at Silverwater Jail on Sunday to give her a hug prior to the momentous week ahead.

They say that she is nervous but glad to be finally speaking in a court of law about her diary entries.

Tracy Chapman said: “It means a lot to know there are a growing number of you seeking justice on her behalf. She asked us to say thank you for everything you’ve all done thus far and she hopes to get the opportunity to thank you all in person someday soon.”

Quentin McDermott at ABC News reports: “At 10 o’clock, Kathleen Folbigg will step into the witness box in a bid to clear her name, and — for the first time in a court of law — give her version of what she meant when she wrote in her diaries about her four infant children who died.”

Kathy previously explained the meaning behind some of the passages to Tracy in a series of telephone conversations from Cessnock jail, broadcast on Australian Story.

“Those diaries are written from a point of me always blaming myself,” she said. “I blamed myself for everything. I took so much of the responsibility, because that’s, as mothers, what you do.”

Read Quentin’s full article by clicking here.

Tracy notes: “Buckle up for the final week of the inquiry all, it’s an incredibly important week, and I guarantee it will be one hell of a wild ride.”

Finally, these kind words from another supporter express how many of us are feeling: “Loving prayerful thoughts for everyone tomorrow, especially for Kath. We pray that she will be calm in her spirit, have clarity of mind, be unfazed by the legal arguments, and feel tenderly wrapped with the quiet strength her heart will need.”


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