Official statement: Kathleen Folbigg inquiry verdict

Justice For Kathleen Folbigg is shocked by the Attorney General’s announcement last night regarding Kathleen’s inquiry.

As are many experts who contributed their opinions to the inquiry.

World-leading genetic expert Professor Peter Schwartz is concerned that the judicial system has made a mistake in its conviction of Kathleen Folbigg.

Professor Schwartz revised his original opinion about the case after closely examining new genetic evidence.

However, the Attorney General has chosen to ignore science.

Mark Speakman announced last night, after normal working hours, that the convictions should stand.

Justice For Kathleen Folbigg is perplexed, dismayed and very concerned that despite the large body of evidence presented at the inquiry that reinforced there is no physical evidence that Kathleen killed her children and far more evidence to show other more plausible explanations, His Honour Reginald Blanch and Counsel Assisting continued with the recommendation that Kathleen’s conviction should stand.

We can assure you, it’s not over. Not until this gross injustice is recognised, the convictions overturned and this broken, arrogant, biased system apologises for its treatment of Kathleen.

Justice For Kathleen Folbigg has many concerns regarding the handling of the inquiry.

These concerns began when the submission dates came and went. They continued as the court dates unfolded. We intend to make a formal complaint regarding some of them as they are so despicable. They can then be added to the record of gross injustices in this case.

It’s certainly not over. The legal team has assured us they are in this for the long haul. We are in this for the long haul.

While we are disappointed and angered by Speakman’s recommendation, that doesn’t mean we will give up and stop calling the system out for the mistakes it’s made.

We have truth on our side. It might take time to uncover it, but it will happen, we can assure you of that. We will pursue all avenues afforded to us to bring this truth to light.

Kathleen Folbigg is innocent, the system got it wrong. We will have justice for Kathleen Folbigg.

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