Kath’s special message to her supporters

Happy New Year to everyone who shares our hope that Kathleen Folbigg will finally be given her freedom in 2022.

We have almost reached 2000 signatures on our petition that calls on NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman to release her NOW!

Kath wanted us to share a special message with you:

“To all my lovely supporters, advocates, scientific geniuses, medics, therapists and legal eagle minds that have travelled parts of this damn long road with me …I wish you all well and hope that 2022 brings all of us our wishes, desires, wants and even basic needs that we are all yearning for. I hope that everyone’s health stays strong and we all strive each day to be a better version of ourselves. My appreciation, gratitude, love and adoration is as strong as always. Love, Kath.” 

2021 was a huge year for Kath – her case is now internationally recognised and the scientific community both here and abroad has rallied behind our calls for justice. So many people across the world are asking really important questions about why and how Kath was ever convicted, why she remains in prison and what the NSW legal system is doing. 

We still have no answers. The Attorney General’s delay is unjustifiable and he continues to be silent.

We will not give up – human rights and dignity are important for everyone including Kath. She may just be a woman from Singleton to those in power; just one person, but to us she is our friend and she is a kind, loving person who has been treated so poorly by those who should have done better.

This case is bigger than just Kath – she is an example of a failure of the legal system. It is profoundly sad that those in power continue to leave an innocent woman languishing in prison even when they have clear evidence in front of them of Kath’s innocence. Our fight is to improve the system for us all – for our children, their children and ourselves. 

That being said, so many great things happened in 2021. 60 Minutes produced two programs (plus an ‘extra minutes’ segment) on Kath which you can watch here:

Discovery Channel aired a documentary to 80 million viewers worldwide (unfortunately not to Australia just yet) entitled “The Baby Killer Conspiracy”. This is an excellent program which talks about Kath’s case, and the tragic UK cases of Sally Clark and Angela Cannings which are very similar to Kath’s. 

The Australian Academy of Science, Cosmos Magazine, the Age Examine and Australian Science Media Centre all listed Kath’s case in their top stories for 2021! Kath’s story has been shared thousands of times across the world and featured in places like the New York Times, Washington Post, on CNN and in countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, China and India. The level of support from science and the media has been unprecedented. Here are some of the stories:







Further media stories, books and documentaries are coming. The interest in this case is only growing and people are seriously wondering why the NSW legal system is unprepared to listen to science and act on this miscarriage of justice. The role of all players in Kath’s conviction and maintenance of her incarceration are under the microscope. 

We will share the legal team’s submissions in support of the petition soon. These submissions are clear on why Kath’s case is a miscarriage of justice and why her immediate release is the only reasonable way forward.

Please continue to spread the word about Kath’s case. Those in power need to know that this is not going away and the fight will continue. Whenever you post about Kath’s case, please use the hashtag #justiceforkathleenfolbigg

Please ask your friends and family to sign the petition and share it around.

Thank you.

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