Experts cast doubt on Kathleen’s convictions

It has been an exhausting but rewarding nine days for the Justice for Kathleen Folbigg team during the inquiry into her convictions.

Many strong testimonies have been given by expert witnesses that cast reasonable doubt on her convictions.

Here are links to some of the top stories on the case.

>> Kathleen Folbigg diary entries not an admission of guilt, inquiry hears

This ABC News article discusses an expert report tendered to the inquiry into the convictions of Kathleen Folbigg for killing her four children claims diary entries that were used to convict her are not admissions of guilt. 

>> Leading expert discredits evidence used to convict Kathleen Folbigg of murder

This ABC News article focuses on testimony by Professor Peter Fleming, a world-renowned paediatric intensivist, who told the inquiry he had personally investigated 200 child deaths and was part of a team investigating another 600 child deaths. He said Kathleen’s children did not have injuries consistent with suffocation.

>> Folbigg diaries do not contain ‘true confessions of guilt’, inquiry told

A Sydney Morning Herald article exploring the evidence by experts regarding Kathleen’s diaries.

>> Folbigg’s son likely died of natural causes, Monique Ryan tells inquiry

A Sydney Morning Herald article focussing on the testimony by Federal independent MP Monique Ryan, a senior paediatric neurologist.

>> Folbigg ‘did not smother babies’

The Australian discusses evidence by Canadian forensic pathologist Matthew Orde who said there was no reliable evidence to indicate Kathleen suffocated the babies; and professor Stephen Cordner, who said it was “highly unlikely” the four children were smothered due to the absence of petechiae (a small spot caused by bleeding through the skin) or injuries in the mouth.

>> It would be extraordinary for someone to kill Folbigg children without leaving a mark, says SIDS expert

A great article from Cosmos magazine regarding Dr Monique Ryan’s evidence.

>> MP tells Folbigg inquiry son may have died from undiagnosed neurogenetic disorder

The Guardian explores Dr Monique Ryan’s testimony.

>> VIDEO: Folbigg inquiry hears diary entries show grief, not guilt

ABC News report.

>> Folbigg inquiry head must decide on evidence now, “can’t wait for science to fully develop”

Cosmos article on why science alone is unlikely to determine the outcome of the inquiry, with former NSW Chief Justice Tom Bathurst KC saying he can’t wait for scientific certainty to emerge over years to make a decision on the case.

>> Kathleen Folbigg letters and diary entries released to inquiry reveal dark moments in jail

ABC article offering summary of Kathleen’s diary and letters.

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