An update on Kathy

It’s been a huge few weeks for Kathy and her supporters following her appearance on Australian Story and NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman subsequent announcement of an inquiry into her convictions.

To top it all off, Kathy was also suddenly transferred last Saturday from Cessnock Jail back to Silverwater Correctional Centre.

So we wanted to give you an update on how she’s going.

Fortunately, Kathy has already had a few visitors at Silverwater, who’ve given her big hugs and report that she’s in good spirits.

While we were initially concerned about the move, she tells us it’s a better alternative to the conditions at Cessnock, which were pretty limited and basic.

Barrister Isabel Reed, who has been one of the driving forces behind gaining an inquiry, said Kathy is over the moon that an inquiry has been granted, but will need time to distill the news.

Fellow barrister Robert Cavanagh has also argued that Kathy needs to be released from jail during an inquiry into “how a miscarriage of justice occurred”.

“You can’t have a conviction where there’s a natural cause of death and yet that’s what’s occurred here and she’s been in jail for 15 years because of it,” he told The Newcastle Herald.

Kathy was also quoted in New Idea saying that those who still feel she is guilty should “do some proper research into my case and the expert opinions included in my Petition and open their minds.”

She admitted that her past 15 years in jail have been incredibly challenging.

She copes by taking it “One day at a time, minute by minute, one foot in front of the other. You make your world the immediate space around you to survive emotionally or depression rules. To survive you need to adjust and adapt. You can’t comprehend what it is like behind prison walls, it’s such a tough, difficult place.”

Kathy thanked her legal team “who have been absolutely incredible and I can’t thank them enough for giving me a reason to hope”.

And she looked to what the future might hold if the inquiry leads to her release.

“I’d like to do some advocacy work to make sure other people don’t go through the hell that I have,” she said. “The manner prosecutions are handled needs an overhaul and Australian needs an independent review body for these sort of cases. I’d also like do do some social justice work, as the current prison system is broken. It’s a revolving door because prisoners with high security classifications aren’t taught life skills, they receive limited education and little support post incarceration.”

We will keep you up to date on Kathy and the inquiry over the coming months.

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  1. Thanks for the update, really appreciated it and love your writing style! It’s just so deliciously readable! xo


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